Why self-publishing?

Welcome to my first blog for Beyond The Vale Publishing, a self-publishing house that believes every story deserves to be told.  We are here to take your story through every step, from review, editing, cover, printing, even uploading to Amazon/Kindle, and getting you an ISBN.

These are really exciting and interesting times we find ourselves in. Thanks to COVID and the lockdown these are unprecedented events and hopefully, we shall never see the like again in our lifetime.

Being at home for most of April 2020 gave me time to think, time to reassess. Lockdown prevented me from going to the office and so I had to work from home. No commute gave me extra time at home. What do I love to do? The answer is writing. I love writing. I’m currently well into my fifth book in my Puzzle Train series and loving every second.

A company in the UK self-published my first book. It was expensive and I didn’t receive the personal service I wanted, which left me feeling unimportant. The publishing house made key decisions around the cover and the blurb (the words on the back cover) without taking the time to understand me or the book, which resulted in an unsuitable cover and a blurb which alienated many potential customers. I contacted them several times to make requests to change the details, but they refused. They were often difficult to get hold of and slow to respond which caused frustration and as a result I decided not to use them or recommend them. This has spurred me on to offer the best, most personal service I can possibly offer to my clients.

My second book I published myself. Armed with feedback and determination, I went through the steps myself.

Now I am full of determination to help other aspiring writers turn their word documents into a book. It’s a feeling like no other, to see your vision turned into reality.

I’ve self-published. I know the journey and with my experience, I am now ready to help you. Contact me today for your free call back. Every story deserves to be told, let me take you through the exciting and wonderful adventure that is self-publishing.

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