Being a writer – part 1

The most important part of self-publishing, and the most fun, is the writing.

We’re in our fifth month of lockdown here in South Africa and despite the obvious frustrations with the restrictions, lockdown has been something of a blessing in disguise as far my writing has gone.

The Puzzle Train series is coming along well.

Not only was I finally able to post book 1 – Puzzle Train – onto Amazon and Smashwords, I was able to finalise book 3 – Puzzle Castle – along with the awesome cover, which is now available to order directly from me.

Book 4 – Puzzle at Sea – which develops from the back stories revealed in Puzzle Castle was sent to my editor for a (hopefully) final review and I’ve finished my first draft of book 5 – the final instalment in the series – Puzzle Mansion.

So how do I like to write?

Some people like to chose their words carefully, editing and rewriting as they go. I prefer to get as much as the story out of my head and onto my computer as possible. Then I let the story sit a while, before going back to attack it again and produce draft 2. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. I love that feeling of completing a first draft.
  2. Inevitably other ideas come to me after completion. I make a note of these and go back and include them in draft 2.
  3. After spending a few months writing the same book, it’s nice to write something different

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