Being a writer – part 10 – book cover

Hi everyone and welcome to part 10 of my self-publishing blog.

A second week in a row of no new writing. But the next draft of book 4 of the Puzzle Train series – Puzzle at Sea – is now complete. So I’ve moved to draft 2 of my new project. This is where I refine the story and iron out inconsistencies.

My thoughts are now turning to the next step for my new project, which for me is the cover.

This week’s topic is – what makes a good cover?

It’s a well-known phrase – “don’t judge a book by its cover” – and the reason it’s so well known is that people do exactly that. Books are judged by their cover.

The purpose, therefor, of a book cover is to get people to read your book. So, what makes a good cover?

  1. What’s the story?

Your cover should be a representation of the story and draw the reader in, without giving too much away. Does your cover make the reader want to know more? Does it stand out from other books in the genre?

  1. Title and subtitle. I discussed about the title in last weeks blog. The subtitle is there as a teaser, to give the reader a little more information.
  2. Give your cover a clear focal point. Where is your eye drawn to?
  3. Often less is more. Cluttered covers can cause confusion.

What are the next steps?

  1. Research your genre in your local book shop or on line. What do you like about the covers you see? How can you make yours stand out?
  2. There are many great designers out there who can produce a cover for you. But remember, you’re the writer – it’s your book and your cover, so don’t be afraid to push back on their ideas if you don’t like them

At Beyond the Vale, we offer cover design as part of our self-publishing packages. We will work with you to get the cover that’s right for your book. Contact us today.

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