Being a writer – part 15 – writing a blurb

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great week. One of the things that many self-published authors find difficult to write is the blurb. The back cover wording

First of all, a quick update on the writing front. The joint project is now in full swing, we’re now at 7,600 words and I have started the sequel to “Am I really a secret alien spy?”

What is a blurb?

The blurb is the summary of your story you put on the back cover of your book. It will inevitably be the third thing most readers look at on your book after the front cover and title. It’s all important because this is what your reader will use to decide whether they will buy your book.

Why is it called a blurb?

The word “blurb” first came about in 1907, when San Francisco author Gelett Burgess featured a woman named “Miss Belinda Blurb” on the dust jacket of his novel.

How do I write a good blurb?

You’ve only got between 100 and 200 words to sell your book. So, you’ll need to keep it short and punchy. You need to tease the reader so they want to find out more.

Do – make sure the blurb is in keeping with your book. If you’ve written a sci-fi book for example, then make sure that’s clear in the blurb.

Do – have a powerful opening sentence – just like your hook in chapter one, this is essential. A tried and tested method is the rule of 3 – for example – “A missing girl. A prison escape. A town in terror.”

Do – make sure the blurb highlights the general theme of the book.

Do – highlight a main conflict in the book – this will intrigue the reader. What is at stake?

Do – make sure that your main character is front and central. The reader needs to want to know more about them.

Do – avoid cliché’s and overused openings – for example “Once a upon a time, in a world far far away” etc.

Do – research. Look at other books in your genre and see how the writer has written their blurb. Read the blurb of a book you’ve read or take a book of a movie that you’ve seen. Either way, you know the story and you can see how the writer I’m aware of how the story

Don’t – expect to get it right first time.

Don’t – give away the ending, that killer twist or any spoilers.

If ever you have any questions about self-publishing, contact me. I’m here to help.

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