Being a writer – part 16 – 10 tips to writing a great hook

Hi everyone,

Today I’m back with my favourite part of self-publishing – the writing.

First of all, a quick update on the week’s progress on the writing front. Good progress this week as the joint project now stands at over 11,000 words. The first 3 chapters are down to the sequel to “Am I really a secret alien spy?”

This week’s topic is about the all-important hook.

What is the hook?

The hook is the opening few sentences of your first chapter.

Why is the hook so important?

The first thing the reader will read, after your blurb. You want to engage your audience and give them the impression this is a book they just don’t want to put down.

Here are 10 tips to writing an engaging hook:

Drop in the middle of the action. Put the reader right there in the middle of conflict.

Drop in something ominous. A missing person, a mysterious note to catch the reader’s attention.

Form an emotional connection. Let the reader care about the main character, especially if you’re not writing action/thriller for the 2 points above.

Begin at a life changing moment. A new start, new town, death, birth or event

Start at a moment of confusion. This will make the reader want to know more.

Make a surprising statement. Draw your reader in with something unexpected and leave them asking questions.

Leave the reader with questions – try a rhetorical question. Many of the above will leave the reader with questions they will want to know the answer to.

Set the tone for the novel. The first few lines can set the tone for the whole novel.

Avoid too much description. Too much description in one go can be boring and turn away the reader

Keep the reader’s attention – answer a question early on to give satisfaction, but introduce a new one as you go.


Get that hook right, that all important first line to get your book off in the best direction possible. If you have any questions about self-publishing, then contact me here.

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