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Hi Everyone,
I hope you’re all well. It’s always a great feeling to deliver self-published books.

The weeks progress

It’s been a slow week, writing wise after the excitement from last weeks completion of the second Alien Spy book.
I’ve started looking at draft 2 for book 5 in my puzzle train series. Draft 2, for me, is going through the first draft in some detail, looking at both the story for inconsistencies and the grammar. It’s been several months since I completed draft 1, so I can look at it with fresh eyes.

Puzzle Train feedback

I would just like to share some feedback I had this week on my first book, Puzzle Train:

Dineo – I just can’t put it down.

Erika – (who read the book in one day) – …enthralling…very wholesome reading for young kids

This weeks topic – Pastor Charles – Tying The Knot Or Tied In Knots? A researched Christian guide on Marriage and family life.

I had the great pleasure to visit Pastor Charles and personally deliver his books to him in Nelspruit over the weekend. The author of Tying the knot or tied in knots? : A Researched Christian guide on marriage and family life.

Charles Maluleke is the founder and senior pastor of Solagratia Gospel church. Pastor Charles is involved in pastoral, teaching ministries and Christian counselling. He has been serving as an accredited marriage officer for a long time.

In the course of his ministry, he discovered that the institution of marriage and family life is under threat and this also affects the growth and development of the church of Jesus Christ. This observation led him to make thorough research which ended by being complied into a book with the above–stated topic.

Pastor C.Maluleke obtained his diploma in Theology with Southern Africa School of Theology, later he got his B.A in Bible and Theology with ICI University, after that he achieved his Honors Bachelor of Theology in Systematic Theology with the University of South Africa, currently he is holding a Master of Theology in Systematic Theology and is still pursuing his PHD in Systematic Theology with the university of South Africa.

If you would like to be like Charles and fulfill your self-publishing goals, drop me an email and see how I can help.



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