Being a writer – Part 25 – the role of an editor

Hi Everyone,

As part of the self-publishing packages we offer is editing services. A book, no matter how good, will always be better for being edited. This week, we’ll look at the role of the editor, but first…

The weeks progress

Yet another busy week here in the Vale. We’re looking at launching five books very soon! It’s very exciting – more details to follow in the next few weeks.

On a personal writing update, I’m still working on draft 2 of book 5 of the Puzzle Train series – Puzzle Mansion. I’ve done 10 chapters, around a third.

Last night I visited my editor. It was a social visit, but inevitably we ended up talking about books and writing. She gave me some very frank, but much appreciated advice about my Alien Spy 2 book.

What is the role of an editor?

The editor is there as a barrier between you and your audience. In terms of writing, not only are they there to fix grammar and spelling they are also there to look for repetition, inconsistencies and to advise you whether or not your book flows.

What makes for a good editor?

  • Someone who has impeccable attention to detail;
  • Someone who can spot even the small mistakes;
  • You need someone who is knowledgeable about grammar;
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to tell you that you’re wrong;
  • Someone who can be objective about your writing;

What are the advantages of an editor?

  • They make sure your message gets across in the way you intend it;
  • Feedback will help you to become a better writer
  • An objective pair of eyes to tell you if your writing flows and it makes sense
  • A fresh opinion. You may be the author, but did you think about ‘X’. Would ‘Y’ behave that way given a particular scenario

And finally,

An editor is there to help. To make your writing better. While you may not agree with what they tell you, they are usually correct. Remember, as an author you can be too involved and invested in your story to see the faults.

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