Being a writer – Jennifer book launch

Hi Everyone,

Fresh back from my trip to South Africa’s gorgeous mother city – Cape Town, and straight into a book release – my favourite part of self-publishing.

But first, this weeks progress

So, during the last week I finished draft 2 of book 5 – Puzzle Mansion. My editor has already sent it back to me, so as soon as I get time, I’m going to look at her feedback.

The joint project is back up and running now after a break. Currently the project is with me to add 500 words.


Another Beyond The Vale release – Now Available on Amazon and directly from the author

Jennifer Sheokarah – The Abandoned Bicycle

Available on Amazon or directly from the author

When Jevon and his father take a trip to the beach, Jevon discovers an old bicycle which apparently has magical powers, whenever Jevon rides it. How will Jevon react when he discovers it’s just his imagination?

Jennifer had a great launch party over the weekend. Congratulations to Jennifer, we wish you much success with your book!


If you, like Jennifer, want us to help you with your self-publishing journey and see your story turned into a book, contact me –

You can see Jennifer’s testimonial here.


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