Self promotion and Cameron Wolff

Hello everyone and welcome to another of my self-publishing blogs.


There’s not much to report here this week, unfortunately. My beta-reader is working her way through book 5 – Puzzle Mansion. So when she’s finished, I’ll combine her feedback with my editor to create draft 3.


On the self-publishing journey, I am often asked by other authors how they can promote themselves. Here’s a few basic tips:

  1. Start now – it’s never too early. Even if it’s “coming soon” or a “preview”
  2. Get on social media, whichever is your preference – Facebook, Instagram, Tik-tok, Linked in (especially if you have a business book)
  3. Get friends and family to like and follow you
  4. Direct traffic to your Amazon account
  5. Post blogs and content – even if it’s only extracts from your writing. Give your audience “teasers” from your books.
  6. Link up with authors and cross promote.

Congratulations to Cameron Wolff, whose book of poetry – Planet Carpe Diem – was recently published by Beyond The Vale. As you can see from the picture, now available in Book Dealers of Rivonia.

This deeply philosophical collection of poems delves into the absurdity of war and the meaning of life and death.  The author’s quirky approach to what are considered serious matters is refreshing and often very funny.

An enjoyable literary romp that leaves the reader wanting more.


If you, like Cameron, would like to see their works self-published, contact me, Richard, through the website using this link.

Have a great week, everyone!

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