Kim Schreuder Horn – The Mole and The Sparrow

My favourite part of self-publishing is always delivering the books to the authors that I help.

During the week, I delivered Kim’s books to her and had a chat – she gave me a fabulous testimonial, which you can view here.

This book is not only beautifully illustrated, but has a strong moral to it and contains and glossary at the end so you can find out more about moles, sparrows and the reason behind mole’s discomfort.

It’s available from Amazon as a print on demand or a download here.

Poor mole is in a dreadful state,

The Sparrow thinks it’s something he ate.

Find out what happens when the kind sparrow takes a nap in poor mole’s favourite spot.


If you, like Kim, would like to have your book self-published by us at Beyond The Vale, contact us here.


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