Carmel Gordon – The Perfect Sunrise

In their life’s journey, both humans and animals seek a perfect sunrise – a world that is void of cruelty and filled with peace and kindness.  “In Search of the Perfect Sunrise” is Mel Hart’s journey, as she breaks away from her sheltered world to face the challenges of reality. As she encounters the dark moments of life, she uses her biggest strengths – kindness and compassion – to fight off cruelty and to make life better for the people and animals in her world.

The book explores how positive themes, like active kindness and hope, can help us overcome challenges, from discrimination through to violence, animal cruelty and poaching – and experience the perfect sunrise.

This is an uplifting story of realising that the world is never in darkness. There is always the possibility of a better world for humans and animals, if we never give up and if we recognise the strength and life-long rewards of kindness.

This book can be ordered direct from the author – email for more information.

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