Michael Bowler – Two Worlds

A one-night stand in Cork, Ireland between two students, Liam and Sarah, has far reaching consequences for them both.

Liam emigrates to England and Sarah goes to Israel to work in a kibbutz.

Years later they meet, again by chance, in Israel when Liam, an athlete, runs in the Sea of Galilee marathon.

When they meet again Sarah divulges a secret that links them together for ever.

A meditation on memory conveyed in a language that is both lyrical and evocative, exploring themes of exile and alienation in two different countries and cultures.

Liam uses short stories to discuss racism and terrorism, at the forefront of peoples lives in the early 1980s, while the loss and longing of first love are ever present in the narrative.


Available to download and print on demand through Amazon here.

Hard copies in South Africa can be ordered through us at Beyond The Vale

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