Arenda Prince – Stepping Into God’s Presence

Stepping into God’s Presence is a comprehensive, interactive, and user-friendly training manual, which packages the central theme of the Bible into a logical sequence. The book uses a general approach to Christianity rather than any specific denomination.

Designed to be used by either individuals or groups and is designed to “come alive” as each mentor/facilitator can determine how he/she wishes to engage with the material. Christian education is a calling and must be executed with passion and enthusiasm.


Praise for “Stepping into God’s Presence”

“The Training Manual is contextual and a very relevant source to guide young Christians on their journey of faith.”

Pastor Alison Harwood


“I am particularly enthralled and impressed by the novel way in which pertinent and pressing social issues are dealt with in almost every part of the journey.”

Mrs Penny January


“All in all, I think this is a superb course and covers our faith creatively and in a challenging way!”

Rev Howard Lancaster


Arenda Prince is a trained social worker with a degree in theology. A teacher at heart who has been actively involved with the children’s and youth ministry.

Thank you for embarking on this interesting journey. May God accompany you every step of the way!


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