Tiaan de Bod – Polybius

There’s an arcade cabinet
that doesn’t exist.

And it just caught someone’s eye amidst the dim, purple light. Not because of an extravagant paint job or flashy title screen, but rather because of the complete lack thereof. In fact, had they blinked, they would have missed it entirely…

Ted and his friends don’t care much about this new, supposed pandemic. It’s a free vacation. But the promise of a carefree vacation doesn’t last terribly long. Not after they came across that cabinet — the one hiding in the back of the arcade. The one that blends in seamlessly and produces only a slight whirr when you come close enough. After they find that cabinet, along with something else, they start experiencing things they can’t explain. Terrifying, mind-bending things. And quite soon the four of them start losing track of reality, and of themselves.

Just beyond the stream of children piling into the arcade, of geometric carpets shadowed by neon lights, Terrence can see the one thing that’s out of place in his arcade. The ever-omnipotent men in black suits — blending in with the walls and keeping watch. They have business here, and they need to ensure that it remains undisturbed. Terrence wants to do something, anything, to stop the death that will undoubtedly ensue, but he fears the consequences it may have. Lest he meets the same fate as the corpse he found a week earlier.

This debut novel from young author Tiaan set in small-town 1980s America is available to order direct from the author. Contact him on


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