Sandile Nkonki – Recovery

Throughout the book, Sandile takes you through the journey of depression, sharing experiences that bruises, tears and the feeling of being gone are an everyday struggle for someone living with depression.  Through different poems and stories, the book paints the mind and soul of a person or people living and surviving Depression. This is to educate those who think they know what Depression is about so as to get a clear meaning and understanding of what it really is about through these poems and stories.

It is to get the spotlight on the “How Do I Help You” so that it is easier for an individual to voice out their feelings without having the fear of being judged. This is to allow the unspoken to be spoken so that hurt can be healed, the anger stopped and frustrations calm so that we can all live in peace and happiness.

Available to download or print on demand through Amazon, here.

Hard copies are available. Email for more information.

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