Adelle Gascoyne – Peace Talks

Eluthu, a mixed-race teenager, finds herself caught in the middle of growing family tensions. Her half-sisters, feisty Xhosa princess Amyoli and proud English Elora, highlight the clash of cultures dating from the time of the Xhosa Wars in the 1800’s between Xhosa, KhoiSan, Afrikaner and English settlers.  The scars left on the people of the Eastern Cape is still evident today and racial tension remains rife.

Amid a national lockdown and family crises, Eluthu travels with Amyoli to rural Xhosaland and with Elora to Settler country.  The retelling of old stories, both historical events and family history, opens deep wounds. Realising that we cannot have peace in our communities if there is no peace in our homes, Eluthu steps into the role of mediator around the Peace Table.

This story explores racial tensions, gender-based violence and the troubling historical events that shaped the socio-political landscape of the Eastern Cape and still influence its people today.

About the author

Adelle Gascoyne is an internationally recognised South African PeaceWoman and Convenor of the SA Women’s Peace Table. She is a community worker, writer and performance writer who spend most of her life in the Eastern Cape.

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