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Welcome to another Friday everyone. And it’s a hot one in the Vale. Andy busy. Here’s a quick rundown of todays newsletter:

  1. Meet Sandile. His book, “Recovery” is out now.
  2. See below for come great merchandise. Christmas is just around the corner – see your book cover on a mug or keyring!
  3. Before Christmas is the second Indie Authors Book Fair. Contact me to book your spot on 05 December!
  4. Beyond The Vale Books has now been open for 2 weeks and is looking great. Come and visit us at 52 Harris Avenue, Edenvale.
  5. Sandile Ntsika Nkonki – Recovery

Sandile’s book is based on his own personal experience of dealing with depression and how he overcame it. He was kind enough to answer some questions for me.

What inspired you to first start writing?
My late Grandmother Mrs SB Ngambu was my inspiration behind my writing because she herself was a writer, teacher and mentor. She made me realize that writing is a wonderful gift to have because one has the freedom to tell the stories that are never told.

Tell us a little about Recovery –
What’s it about?
It’s about depression that many unemployed, disadvantaged, financially distressed individuals deal with every day, and therefore suffer in silence. This is due to situations that are
beyond their control, which affect them emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

Where did the idea come from?
It came from my own personal experience because I experienced depression first hand on how it feels to not want to live because of things that didn’t go my way. So the only way I could recover from my condition was to write my way out of depression through recovery. Through this I survived depression and my life changed for the better.

What is the message you are hoping to put out there?…Or what are you hoping the readers will learn.
This is a self-written book that aims at educating people that depression is a planted seed that grows in the mind of an individual who goes through life’s unforeseen circumstances. I want to use Recovery as a survival guide that one can survive and overcome depression if they learn to accept and understand it.

Do you have a favourite time/place to write?
Not really as long as I’ve got a reason behind my inspiration, I write anytime and anywhere.

Do you have any plans for your next book?
Yes I’m already working on my next book titled Walking Without You which will focus on absent Father’s being the lock to freedom of why many disadvantaged kids never make it to life.

What’s your favourite book to read (or genre or author)?
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I like to cycle because I always find myself being free from life’s busy schedule. When I cycle that’s when I become closer to myself because that’s when nothing else matters besides me, my bike and the endless track that goes on and on.

Recovery is on sale at Amazon and directly from the author. Contact for more details.

  1. Merchandise

I had the Puzzle Train book cover made up into mugs, key rings, coasters, a mouse mat and even a jigsaw puzzle. If you would like to see your book cover on this great merchandise, drop me an email – for more information.


  1. Book Fair – 05 December

Remember – spaces are limited to 25 authors and several spots have already been claimed. Contact me – to secure your spot.

  1. Beyond The Vale Books

The shop is looking great and new stock has been arriving since we opened. Come and visit us! And remember, if you’re an independent author and would like your book on our shelves, please get in contact.


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