Book Fair – 05 December

A group of self-published authors is a great thing as I found out in Johannesburg on Sunday, sponsored by publisher Beyond The Vale, distributor Turn The Page and book shop Book Dealers.

Despite the wet weather, we all pulled together to put up gazebos and keep each entertained by swapping stories on our respective writing and self-publishing journey.

Most genres were represented, included self-help, poetry, children’s books, money and business books, through to adventure and horror.

It was a great day to meet the authors, despite the rain in its our second book fair. The next fair date is already set for Sunday 13 March 2022.

We’re not quite as big as the Frankfurt Book Fair yet, but we are growing and with the support of authors and the public alike, we certainly hope to keep the momentum up.

It was great to see so many authors publish a book in Johannesburg.

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