Why should we read?

Hello all,

As part of my self-publishing work, I get to read a lot of different books. And as the festive season approaches, let’s all be reminded that a book makes a great gift. I was speaking to a client who was concerned about people not reading and that made me think: how can we encourage people to read more?

Let’s have a look at the benefits of reading:

Use it or lose it:

The brain, like anything else, will grow stronger if it’s used. Keep your brain healthy by reading.

Additionally, reading a book and keeping track of the characters and plotline is a great way to focus your memory.

Analytical thinking and reasoning can be increased, especially if you’re reading a “whodunnit” or the Puzzle Train and you’re working through the clues.

Escape your day

Relax into a well-written novel to transport you to another realm, dimension or person, allowing your stresses to melt away.

Knowledge and vocabulary

Your brain will retain many bits of information as you read and who knows when they will come in handy? As you read, you will come across new words, increasing your vocabulary.

Value for money entertainment

If you look at the cost per hour of a book compared to how long it will take to read it, you’ll realise that the cost per hour for entertainment is very reasonable.

Also, for many South Africans experiencing load shedding, a book doesn’t need electricity.

Better writing skills

If, like me, you read a book not just for pleasure but how to see how the plot develops, how language is used, how to structure sentences and paragraphs, then you will realise that reading makes you a better writer.

And there is more good news for all of us writers out there as this article from the Guardian points out that book sales have been on the rise.

If you would like to know more about self-publishing or turning your story into a book, drop me an email – info@beyondthevalepublishing.com to find out more.


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