Pam Ncube-Murakwani – Sing O Barren

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Johannesburg.

Publish date – January 2022.

Available at Beyond The Vale Books and on Amazon.

Pam has carried the vision of ‘Sing O Barren’ in her heart for many years. She uses her own experiences of the challenges she experienced trying to conceive and her relationship with God to write this guide for Christian women everywhere who find themselves facing barrenness, infertility or miscarriage.

Draw strength from other real-life testimonies, as Pam takes you through motivational prayers, insightful spiritual encouragement and a healthy eating plan as you put your faith in action and prepare for pregnancy.

Pam is married to best friend Brian, and is mum to her two ‘God-given’ princes: Malcolm and Ethan. She loves the Lord, and is passionate about sharing her experiences to encourage others in their personal walk with God.

In my opinion, ‘Sing O Barren’ covers all four pillars of our Christian life and character. It centres on God and relationship, faith, love and hope.

Marshall J. Williams

Pastor at Lifespring Church

‘Sing O Barren’ is a life-changing book.

Vicki J Burke, author of ‘A String of Pearls’

This book is like fresh manna from heaven, a must read for every Christian woman, designed to build your faith through effective prayer during conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

Laurie Ncube-Rapula

Congratulations, Pam, on the self-publishing of your book!

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