Avika Daya – Starting School With a Bag of Emotions

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing.

Published date – December 2021

Follow Wamu as she starts school for the first time! She experiences some big feelings that she can’t always handle by herself.  Find out if she comes out stronger on the other side.

Available in Inner Journeys, 52 Harris Avenue, Edenvale and on Amazon

“Starting School, with a bag full of emotions” was inspired by the unseen child.  Children’s books, based on relatable scenarios, often follow the path we expect children to experience.  However, this is not the case for all children.  Starting school can be a challenge and doesn’t always end with laughter and giggles on day one or two.  This book hopes to make children who are experiencing more than just butterflies, feel seen and understood.

The book also aims to provide parents and educators with a point of reference.

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