Agnetha Hilpert – Broken Halos

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Johannesburg.

Published date – February 2022,

We all need something to believe in.

Jax returns home from his latest tour with the Marines to find his home town – his high school friends, childhood sweetheart and abusive father – very much as he left it.

The one thing that has changed is him. Years in the marines have left their toll on the once cool and calm Jax.

One new addition to the town catches his eye, foreign beauty Thia, who is trying to escape her own past demons caused by years of abuse caught in the human trafficking trade.

The past has a strange way of coming back to you, even in small-town America.

About the author

Agnetha grew up in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, an introverted child that found escapism in television and cinema. The stories consumed inspired characters of her own, living in worlds as seen on TV.

When experiencing writer’s block, sketching to an eclectic soundtrack gets the job done.

Broken Halos was borne of the idea that we are all fallible, heroes can be villains in another’s eyes. It’s all about perspective and perception.

She believes there’s art in everything around us. Shading requires both light and dark to create depth.


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