How much will I make?

Part of the self-publishing journey is to upload your book onto Amazon. Beyond The Vale Publishing will set up your Amazon account in YOUR NAME. This means that all the proceeds from the sales of your book go to you.

This is one of the fundamental things that we as publishers believe in. YOUR BOOK = YOUR ROYALTIES.

But how much are you going to make after Amazon take their fees? The first thing to remember is that you will have 2 products on Amazon

  • An ebook for download customers,
  • A print on demand, paper book (paperback) aka “physical book”

And the costs for both work differently. The below is just a guide for books sold in the US.

Full details can be found on the KDP website


You get a choice of either a 35% royalty or a 70% royalty. (this is the percentage of the sale price (excluding VAT) that you receive – and remember that the sale price is set in the currency you are selling i.e. in America the price is in US dollars).

So you’re probably thinking that’s an easy choice – I would rather have 70% than 35%. So how do you qualify for 70%? Here’s how:

1 The selling price of your book needs to be between $2.99 and $9.99

2 The selling price of your ebook must be at least 20% less than the selling price of your physical book

3 The book must be available for sale in all countries where you have the rights to sell your book

If you don’t meet these criteria then you will fall into the 35% royalty category.

Delivery costs

Amazon are going to charge you a delivery cost for selling your ebook. The cost is different per country but for example, if you sell in the US, the cost will be $0.15 per MB (megabyte).

Full details can be found here:

Physical book

There are 2 costs to consider when selling your physical book:

  • Royalty – Amazon will pay you 60% royalty
  • Printing costs – see below

The print costs are made up of:

  • A fixed cost per book
  • A cost per page

The print costs vary depending on the following:

  • Which country you sell in
  • Whether you are printing in colour or black
  • How many pages your book has.

KDP have a very useful royalty calculator 

Should you have any queries about self-publishing contact us today.