Do you need help marketing your children’s book?

My self-publishing journey led me to self-published author Tracy just recently. She was due to come to our March book fair but was unable to make it, but came to the shop to bring her books. I was impressed with her journey so far, self-marketing her book throughout schools. As a fellow children’s book author, I asked whether she could help me raise the profile of my book, Puzzle Train, within schools. And now she can help you to raise the profile of your book.


My name is Tracy Millar, and I am the author of the Gerald and Friends series.

My passion is marketing children’s books and developing their love for reading and learning.

If you are excited about children reading your books, but do not have time to get your title out there, then I can help you bring your books to your audience.

My packages are custom-built to suit your needs.

If you would like to give your self-publishing journey a boost by being introduced to Tracy, please drop me an email.