E C Farinha – Going Home

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Edenvale, Johannesburg

Published date – July 2022

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Loss is painful.

Lilly has lost her mother, her business partner and best friend and is struggling to come to terms with life, now it has so fundamentally changed.

The bookshop she ran with her mom, once full of joy and hope now seems empty and intimidating.

Lilly takes small comfort in her painting, her dog, Izzy, her brother who is visiting from London and Antonin, the owner of a dance studio conveniently situated across the road from her favourite coffee shop.

Although living in the same small town as Antonin, Lilly has never had the courage to speak to the achingly handsome man, until fate has it that her brother befriends Antonin.

Loss is painful and, for Lilly, never far away. Can she escape the ghosts of her past?

C. Farinha always felt like she was only good at one thing, telling stories. Writing made her feel worthy and getting lost in a book made her feel safe. She was born and raised in South Africa but she dreamt of living in a faraway land, which was unfortunately fictional. She was therefore determined to create her own. She started writing as a teenager and never looked back. When tragedy hit in 2020 this book was born. Going Home is her first novel.

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