Sipho Khumalo – Life, Dreams, Thoughts, Experiences and Personality

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Edenvale, Johannesburg.

Published date – July 2022

Available on Amazon here.

As the title suggests, Sipho has written his book from his own viewpoint on the world, from growing up in townships in KZN to the big issues that have shaped him and his life.

This book will lay out, in detail, Sipho’s life, dreams, thoughts, experiences and personality– exactly as the title suggests.

Understand how the events of his life interconnect and interrelate and why the boots he wears through this journey are not his.

Sipho details eloquently his thoughts and opinions on matters of great importance, not just to the peoples of the KZN townships where he grew up, not just to South Africa, but to Africa and even the world as a whole. Matters affecting us all, such as:

  • Mother Nature
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Turning your failures into positive outcomes

This is not just Sipho’s experience but an experience for us all.

“I appreciate the failures I have experienced because, without them, my story would not be this much. “

“Without my failures, I would not be this wise.”

“Without my failures, you would not be reading this.”

“This is the positive side of negative things. This is the positive of negatives, I say.”

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