Book Launch 13 August

Book Launch Today!

Come and join us at Inner Journey’s bookshop for the launch of self-published (through Beyond The Vale Publishing) Kgomotso Matsebe.

Come and meet the author, buy a signed copy and learn more about the author’s writing journey.

The event starts at 11h30, seating available on first come first served basis. Tea and coffee is available.

The book is available on Amazon for those who can’t make it today. Click here.

For more information about Beyond The Vale Publishing’s self-publishing services available, contact us here.

The valley of dry bones (Ezekiel.37:9) God’s restoration prophecy that holds the Dunamis power to cut short the spiritual embattlement, the spirit of suppression that obscures the understanding of life.

The Valley of Dry Bones purpose is to raise awareness among people that God has given us a solution already in life which is in his word. It is only the spirit of God that gives a new life to man filled with hope. Jesus Christ, the high priest made a new covenant of peace.

Kgomotso Matsebe, was born and raised in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. The Christian author who received an instruction from God to preach and prophesy about the End Time Revelation and God Restoration Prophecy, “The Valley of Dry Bones,” a biblical scripture found in the book of (Ezekiel.37:1-28), serves as a prophetess, messenger, and a friend of Christ. (God handpicked an ordinary woman from the dusty, grumpy and narrow streets of Alexandra Township and prepared ‘The King of the Jews,’ the chosen one.)