Richard James Edwards – The Untimely Death of Barry Cobb

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – Aug 22

Barry is dead. And he’s pissed off about it. Stuck on earth, unable to move on, Barry must quickly learn to adapt to being in Edenvale as a ghost.

Luckily, fellow ghost Craig is able to give him a few pointers. Don’t get stuck in a car, the living can walk through you, there is a ghost court if you do anything wrong and, most importantly, what unfinished business is keeping Barry around?

Barry’s off on a quest to find the answers, assisted by Craig and other ghosts, hampered by the fact that he can’t move anything. Why did he die? How did he die? How can he move on? And with the inevitability that his wife – widow – will eventually want to move on and finally throw his old underpants away – how can he stop her?

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This book set in Edenvale, is dedicated in part to the staff, management and customers of Fahrenheit, the restaurant that burnt down in Fenruary 2022. We very much look forward to going there again soon.