Carmel Gordon – Peace is a Gift

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Edenvale, Johannesburg

Published date – August 2022

Written and illustrated by Carmel Gordon

Seven stories looking at peace and kindness

Peace is a gift

A young princess decides to go on a journey of discovery. Accompanied by her loyal dove and horse, she finds her realm is in tatters, but a chance encounter with an injured soldier opens her eyes to possibilities.

The Princess and the Rose

Why does nothing grow in Leah’s garden? She has everything else a girl could wish for, a fabulous mansion to live in, toys to play with and adorable puppies for pets. Sometimes, someone who has nothing can help to show the way.

The Secret Life of … a Mother

Sisters Mandy and Beth are in a rush to get to school, leaving their mother to clean and tidy behind them. Just how much does a mother do for her children? Mandy and Beth are about to find out.

The Circus Comes to Town

Game ranger’s son, Tom, is horrified to see poachers in the bush, hunting wild animals for sport and removing them from their natural habitat. When the circus comes to town, Tom refuses to go. Mother Nature has her own ideas as to what will happen.

The Mermaid Learns a Lesson

It is the Mermaid Queens’ annual ball and sisters Coral and Kelp have agreed to each prepare a special gift, a new home for the sea creatures. But how to make it? Both sisters have very different ideas.

Snow the Hero Dog

A fisherman and his family stumble upon a litter of puppies discarded by the river and decide to look after them. The smallest, Snow has to prove himself to the other puppies when disaster befalls one of the children.

The Little Mermaid

Sarah doesn’t want to go to school. Her best friend has moved away and Sarah has been left to fend for herself against Mary and her cruel friends. The arrival of a mysterious new girl gives Sarah a fresh perspective on life.

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