Dr Saiyuran Naidoo – Pandemic Rising

Self-published by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Edenvale, Johannesburg

Published date – July 2022

“Who are we to decide who gets the better chance of survival and who does not?”

Dr Saiyuran Naidoo writes about his experiences as a doctor on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. His detailed depictions of the difficulties that the South African healthcare sector had to overcome together with the damning emotional, psychological, and physical struggles that healthcare workers had to endure will leave you in stunned silence.

“This novel virus noted to be wild, violent, and terrifying beyond anything I have ever had to deal with, seemed like it was forged in the very depths of hell.”

The focus is predominantly on South Africa, but given the pervasiveness of this deviant, he has aptly extrapolated the nuances and challenges to a global audience. His powerful wording and emotive language about his experiences and insight renders this book as something truly authentic.

“These are dark days. I am honestly struggling to see the light at this point. Perhaps this is mankind’s karmic fate…”

These past two years have been unbelievable, to say the least. The journey is still long and arduous. While nobody may wish to relive the horrors and torment of our recent past, it is a social imperative that we all learn the lessons forced upon us by this virus, known as SARS-CoV-2. Beyond the deficiencies in our global healthcare systems, there were numerous other problems that this pandemic – inadvertently created by us – has brought to light in our seemingly ‘perfect design’.

This novel is a homage to all the lives taken away far too early from our Earthly realm. May their loss not be in vain.

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