J D Kizza – Journals of He – The Continuance

New release from publisher, Beyond The Vale Publishers.

Published date: June 2022

Journals of He – The Continuance by J D Kizza, the sequel to Journals of He and second release in the trilogy.

Baring your soul to someone can be so addictive.

Dilia learnt this the hard way, when she met – Him

Dominick was everything that she prayed for – craved – in a man.

He was her future.

She was ready to give him everything.

Until a reckless and explosive decision leaves her in the debris of her own broken heart.

In a bid to move on from that fateful night, she erases all traces of him from her life. She finds herself desperate, trying to reclaim the threads of her existence before she knew him.

Just the thought of him is a painful reminder of the future she lost.

She tries to bury her desire for Dominick, but it remains ablaze in her heart, and she finds herself looking for release in places unexpected.

But the past has a habit of coming into the present, and her life takes a dramatic turn when fate joins their paths again.

More secrets.

More passion.

A new threat.

And danger.

Will love be enough to repair what is broken between them?

And is she ready – is she brave enough – to stand fearlessly beside him?

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