A big Saturday for book lovers – 08 October 2022

Book launches at Inner Journeys!

A big day for self-published authors as we have not just one launch, but two and then to follow it up, we have the Writers 2000 group in the afternoon with their special guest, Rob Randall.

Come to Inner Journeys, shop 9 Edenglen Shopping Centre. 52 Harris Avenue, Edenvale.

Contact us for more information on these events or any self-publishing questions you may have here.

Book launch 1 – Rita Annandale – The Validation of John

Born in 1940s South Africa, John made his choices early in life, and they were all good. Unfortunately, by the time the road became easier for him, it had worn away.

His father had no last words as he died. He was dead before the ambulance arrived, leaving John in the fragmented care of his two sisters after his mother left for South West Africa.

A misty morning by the roadside transformed John’s fortunes moving him from struggling pig farmer to company director and then the cruel twist of fate, to live out his days in care coping with Alzheimer’s.

Did he ever have flashbacks to the life he once lived? Did he realise how successful he had been in his lifetime? Did he love his wife, although he never showed it? Was he responsible for her disappearance? Did he murder her?

Throughout his life, he nurtured a cold, hard inner core that kept him unflinchingly on a path to success. He developed a look with his eyes that could scorch a person with contempt.

He knows what he saw one morning in the mist.

Book launch 2 – Fortune Mahasha – Expedition Unknown


Writers 2000 – Rob Randall

After a career of nearly thirty years with one of South Africa’s leading financial institutions, I was medically boarded. While enjoying the break, I noted a news article, and a story formed. The story would not go away and a few months later, I sat down and started to write.

Attending a book fair, I then decided what if? And the journey to being published began.

When I have time to

spare (researching the next book) I like to read, trying my hand in the garden (alas, me and the plants have yet to develop an understanding).

I am a strong believer that you can never sit still, you always must try new things and move forward and start new journeys.

Rob’s book is available on Amazon and selected bookstores nationwide