Priyen Naidu – The Watcher Chronicles

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – April 2022

There are Watchers among us.

A gruesome murder in a bookstore catapults Chicago police detective, Alastair Reid, into the world of the Watchers, a cult responsible for a spate of ghastly murders and human sacrifices for their occult practices. Among the Watchers is his prime suspect, Michael Rourke. Reid soon discovers that Michael and the mysterious Rourke family are inexplicably protected by the city’s officials and the Chicago elite.

But the Rourke’s are more than they seem. Behind their grisly methods and brazen coverups are secrets that hold the fate of the world in the balance. Hunted by the Chicago police and an ancient enemy, Michael must face his own demons and do the impossible. He is the key and his choices have the power to unravel everything.

A war is coming. An agreement is broken. Alliances are formed. Chicago is ground zero for a cataclysm that nobody has the power to stop.

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