Debbie Edwards – Matts, Matt and Maddy’s Adventure Bike Ride

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published Date – November 2022

Life Coach Debbie has used her years of experience to bring the subject of emotional intelligence to life in a child-friendly way that everyone can understand.

Best friends, Matt, Matts and Maddy love riding their bikes, but when they decide to race down the biggest hill in town, Maddy is scared.

Maddy remembers how many people had told him it would be scary.

Can Maddy, with the support of Matt and Matts, learn to overcome his fear?

Letter from the author:

The premise behind these stories, is to show the differences between the conscious and subconscious minds.

Matts is the human who has the challenge between the two parts of his mind.

Matt is the conscious part of the mind, the thinking part. His will power can be strengthened or limited by thinking.

Maddy is the subconscious part which has been programmed with beliefs, emotions, strategies, habits, cravings and values.

Although the children are referred to as brothers and best friends, this is for the effect of the story for children. The story is to represent the different parts we all have within us and the impact the conscious and subconscious have on our children’s lives.

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