Agnetha Hilpert – Mockingbird

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: October 2022

Life is hard growing up in the Queensbridge Projects. Murder and drugs are part of everyday life, survival is a dangerous game.

For four kids from The Bridge even a pick-up game of basketball can be interrupted by a drug-related murder.

Grayson, Deacon, Tony and Shawn have grown up together watching each other’s backs as they struggle to make an honest living. Grappling to reconcile their place as men in society while coming to terms with the absence of paternal guidance.

Trying to find their own voice.

Opportunity is coming knocking though. A chance to get out. But opportunities come at a price.

When you have nothing to lose, you can risk everything.


An introverted child that found escapism in television and cinema. The stories consumed inspired characters of her own, living in worlds as seen on TV. When experiencing writer’s block, sketching to an eclectic soundtrack gets the job done. It’s all about perspective and perception. She believes there’s art in everything around us. Shading requires both light and dark to create depth.

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