Zandile Ndlovu – Tears of Betrayal

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date January 2023


This is a true and real account of what happened to Zandile and an estimated 40% of women in South Africa. A story of abuse, social exclusion and hurt, since she was a child.

Zandile, a strong woman who eventually got tired of being strong. A young girl living in a woman’s body that craved to be noticed, recognized and loved by society and those around her.

Not every smile you see is genuine. Sometimes trusting friends and family, may eventually lead to you drowning in rivers of tears and buried six feet under by those who dug your grave while you were still alive.

It is a story that pushes us to see the good in every bad situation, a reminder that the world is a harsh place.

Zandile is strong because of the situations she found herself in, but the strength we all need to succeed is in each of us.

Zandile Ndlovu (not her real name) was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in August 1995. Growing up, she went through many unfortunate events which included sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of her family and those close to her. She has grown to be a strong and independent young lady who fights for the rights of women and children in South Africa. She is a freelance events planner and self-taught graphic designer, looking to make her name known and her story heard by those needing the inspiration to overcome their past traumas and those looking to stand as pillars to those who have gone through similar situations.

Tears of Betrayal is available at selected bookshops in South Africa and on Amazon

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