Writers 2000 – The Power of the Reader Magnet – 11 March 2023

Hi everyone,

Inner Journey’s bookshop, home of Beyond The Vale Publishing is pleased to announce that the Writers 2000 group are holding a workshop about the Power of the Reader Magnet. Booking is essential, drop me an email here to register.

The workshop will be held between 1pm and 4pm and is at Inner Journeys bookshop, 52 Harris Avenue, Edenvale.

And you thought that writing your book was the hard part?

Have you just published a book and seen your hopes dashed as the spike in your sales dwindle to nothing?

You are not a failure. You are your own hero in your story who has yet to discover the book marketing tools to help you find readers and grow.

To achieve your goal, you are going to first become a successful author in your mind and then do the things that successful authors do so that you will be able to achieve your goal.

This requires following a simple book marketing plan to find your pool of ideal readers, attract them and convert them into super fans who will buy anything you create.

In this “What Would a Successful Author Do” series, you will learn:

  • What a reader magnet is and how to use it to attract your ideal reader
  • Powerful strategies to find your ideal reader
  • Hard-won tactics to convert your ideal reader into a customer

Reader Magnets bring readers to YOU.

These powerful book marketing strategies will work whether you are a fiction or nonfiction author.

The Power of the Reader Magnet is designed for authors who want to grow their book idea into a business that not only gives them the income they need, but also makes a legacy for others to follow.