Carmel Gordon – Angel Eyes

elPublished by Beyond The Vale Publishing, Edenvale, Johannesburg

Published date: February 2023

Who is watching your social media profile?

21 year old Cher is looking for an escape. Responsible for her sixteen year old sister since the death of their mother and with a demanding job, online flirting becomes ever more attractive.

However, children are going missing. The danger of social media hits home when one of them is Cher’s sister, Angie after arranging a date with a stranger through social media.

Cher’s job as a journalist puts her in close contact with the good-looking Inspector as she helps him investigate the missing children and Angie’s disappearance.

A local thug is suspected, and Cher puts herself in harm’s way. Help is at hand, however, from an unexpected source.

About the author

Carmel Gordon is a freelance writer and storyteller, specialising in creative writing, storytelling and illustration.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from Wits University, she went on to complete a Higher Diploma in Journalism from Rhodes University.

She began working as a junior copy editor for an organisation that profiled human rights in South Africa and then joined the corporate world as a writer.

Carmel worked as a communications specialist in corporates for many years, before leaving to do freelance writing.

She recently branched into storytelling, which she believes, is the most effective way of connecting with an audience.

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