Agnetha Hilpert – For One Night Only

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – March 2023

How does a woman go from being cool, calm and collected to a stage 5 clinger?

Danni Quinn is about to find out.

The rules are simple… get wasted, get laid, get out and don’t fall in love.

That was the plan until Danni was introduced to sports journo, Liam Kelly.

Little black dresses, G & Ts in hand, a girls’ night out – letting their hair down, music and passion. Mission complete but sometimes life just isn’t that easy.

After a romantic, seemingly perfect night… what’s the next move? What would a cool, calm and collected girl do?

In a world where love is difficult to find and easy to lose, Danni and Liam’s paths are about to cross once more. This time on purpose.

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About the author

An introverted child that found escapism in television and cinema. The stories consumed inspired characters of her own, living in worlds as seen on TV. When experiencing writer’s block, sketching to an eclectic soundtrack gets the job done. It’s all about perspective and perception. She believes there’s art in everything around us. Shading requires both light and dark to create depth.

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