Annie Mdaka – Be Still

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date March 2022

You are the manifestation of what you hear, so I’m simply saying, be conscious of anything and anyone you associate with. I hope this book will impact you in all areas of your life, to reconnect you so that you grow in the Lord. As children of God, we need to experience the ‘Yud’ of God. ‘Yud’ is a Hebrew word meaning ‘God’s hand’ and how God’s hand works and interacts in our lives. As Children of God, we must complete and perfect cultivating the attributes of leadership, determination, confidence and dependency in God.

About the author

Annie Mdaka believes that women must be independent and empowered. She believes in empowerment and uplifting of one another to grow and improve our daily living as our lives impact the next generation. Annie Mdaka is the second child of the late Khambula Isaac and Sigcume Morongoenyane Sarah. She is married to Solly Mdaka and blessed with two children, Tintswalo and Tinyiko Charis Mdaka.

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