E C Farinha – Wishful Thinking

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: May 2023

A tale of loss and friendship is the second release from EC Farinha following her book – Going Home released in May 2022. This book is being distributed by Turn The Page so look for it in your local Exclusive and Bargain Books soon.

“I don’t think I have ever had much hope in anything in my life. It seems like a completely foreign concept.”

For Sky, life is pain. Traumatised by an old friend’s death, she seeks comfort in the darkness of her room where the endless depths of black protect her.

Encouraged by her mom to get out of her room, Sky goes to work at her mother’s flower shop. Unfortunately she has to face ex-boyfriend, Reese who also works there.

Reese warns Sky of the danger of getting too friendly with a client, the tall, handsome, secretive photographer, Dominic. Whilst soul-searching to try to find out what she wants in life, Sky realises that all signs point to being with Dominic.

They’re two broken people lost in pain. Can they just be friends?

About the author

E. C. Farinha always felt like she was only good at one thing, telling stories. Writing made her feel worthy and getting lost in a book made her feel safe. She was born and raised in South Africa but she dreamt of living in a faraway land, which was unfortunately fictional. This inspired her to create her own. She started writing as a teenager and never looked back.

This is her second book following the release of 2022’s Going Home.

Wishful Thinking is available on Amazon and selected book shops nationwide.

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