Stella Afitumukiza – Redemption in the Homeland

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date July 2022

“To all countries, except SOUTH AFRICA.”

This was the official stamp in my passport issued by my country’s Passport Control Office, dated 11 May 1990.

Follow Stella’s extraordinary story as she travels from her native Uganda, through Johannesburg, then Lesotho and eventually to the Transkei Homelands at a time when Apartheid and all its restrictions were still in force.

Journey with her through her emotional scars, as she overcomes the loss of her mother at a young age, the battles of finding work, being a single parent and becoming accepted in a new Rainbow Nation as democracy comes to South Africa

I always portrayed the strengths of a strong, single woman but behind all the strength I tried to exhibit was a layer of childhood pain.

The journey of one woman in her hope to forge a better life for herself.

About the author

Stella was born in Uganda and came to South Africa in the early 1990s looking for a better life for her, having suffered traditional healing techniques as a child following the loss of her mother.

She wanted to write the story of her incredible journey from Uganda, through Lesotho to settle in the Transkei.

Having spent much of her thirty years working life in South Africa as a teacher, she achieved a masters degree in rural development in 2014.

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