Derrick Obakeng Molotswa – The Night of my Rebirth

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – May 2022

This is the story of a South African gentleman as told through the eyes of another. A harrowing ordeal and sadly one which seems to be on the increase.

The author has decided to share his thoughts through his ordeal, and the author’s perception of his feelings, and how he looked death right in the eye and said, “It is ok, consume me.”

The events of February 13th and the lead up to them are explained in detail and yet questions remain unanswered.

The gentleman’s day seemed ordinary, he did not know that he would be visited and that Valentine’s Day will be ruined.

About the author

Obakeng is a dedicated and loving father from the small village of Mashamplane in the province of the North West. He is a generally happy person. Everywhere he goes he is met with pleasant smiles. He relates very well with people and always looks for ways to motivate others towards betterment.  He has a B-Tech degree in industrial engineering and loves engaging with others, cycling and playing pool.



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