Shanon Jacobs – Unveiled My Story 2

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: May 2022

At first, he was just a guy I met

Sometimes love is a matter of timing, the right time in your life can be the wrong time in someone else’s.

When that timing is wrong for the other person and they’re already married, then complications inevitably follow.

What have you got if the best time in your life can bring you so much pain?

Life isn’t always fair,

About The Author

Shanon Jacob is the author of Unveiled My Story 2, a poetry rhyme brought about by a follow-up sequence.

Unveiled My Story 2 is an intriguing, heartfelt story about a young woman’s life. Jacobs goes through confusion, heartbreak and disappointment but still keeps the faith for a brand new tomorrow. A must-read!

She stays in Cape Town, South Africa with her two lovely daughters.

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