Phia Masilo – A Journey To Fertility

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published Date – September 2022

This book will take you through Phia’s journey to fertility with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS affects approximately between 5% to 10% of women globally, and fewer than 50% of the affected are diagnosed. Many women who have symptoms but do not know what is happening to them.

This book seeks to shed light on what you can consider when coping with your PCOS challenge.

‘Is PCOS curable?’ The answer remains ‘no’. However, symptoms can be managed. Symptoms vary from one person to another, so it is imperative to have an individualised symptom management plan.

This memoir will take you through Phia’s memories, from adolescence to adulthood, to the realisation of the fundamental causes of PCOS as well as the starting point of her PCOS encounter.

If one perceives the root cause, it is easy to deal with the challenge.

About the author

Phia Masilo was born in Pretoria. She is a registered nurse (general nurse, community nurse, psychiatric nurse, and midwife). She specialises in primary health care and has a huge passion in the field of HIV. Phia studied further in behavioural studies in the field of HIV/AIDS and in the management of clients with HIV since 2010. Currently, she is more involved in HIV prevention. and mentoring. She also possesses nursing management and nursing education that enables managing employees and facilitating training. In addition, she is also a moderator and assessor.

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