Dr Garrath Rosslee – Altered States

Published by – Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – June 2023

Addiction affects many. Not just the addict but friends, family and colleagues as well. Addictions such as narcotics, work, porn, nicotine, technology, gambling, social media and food have become more and more prevalent. Even so-called “healthy” pastimes have become addictions: exercise, sex and shopping.

Addictions centre around escapism and emotional challenges The addict, in time, lives a life of isolation and loneliness filled with self-loathing and helplessness.

Alcohol abuse alone kills about 3.5 million people annually across our planet!

Help is available!

Dr Garrath Rosslee, with contributions from other experienced and skilled practitioners, addicts and other professionals engage with the topic in an uncomplicated, non-academic and practical way, including:

  • Efficacy of conventional approaches
  • Life scripts, profiles and narratives from dependents
  • Relapse and recovery, and importantly how relapses can be helpful
  • Effects of addiction on families
  • Practical tools, techniques and exercises to assist in recovery

Dr Garrath Rosslee

Garrath is a trained psychologist with his own practice and a founding member of the Turnaround Management Association chapter in South Africa.

He works in adult change in various organisations, he is the originator of sports-intelligence.com, an impact assessment specialist and the owner of The Circle of Life Recovery Group in South Africa. He is the founder of “Dumbo Dinks” – an Advocacy group protecting the rights of addicts.

He holds an M.A in Industrial Psychology and Human Resources Management; a M.Phil in Applied and Business Ethics; a M.Com in Strategy and Organisation Dynamics, a doctorate in Consulting Psychology and a Certificate in Impact Measurement at the University of Oxford.