Christa Kleynhans – Four-Legged Life Lessons

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date: January 2023

Learn about life through the experiences of a dog in this beautifully illustrated book.

Nothing could be more descriptive of unconditional love than the love a dog has towards its owner and family.

Even a dog who experienced a harsh life up to the age of six months at the hands of his previous owner, the formerly neglected and abused Koos.

Despite being owned by a cruel drunkard, Koos had an air of aristocracy. His demeanour was regal and his stride, when he was running, was graceful and he lived for walks.

This book is the life of Koos Opperman. Find out:

  • Why he was painted with orange spots
  • What Koos would do if anyone played the piano or a flute
  • The mystery of the disappearing food bowls
  • How Koos could sulk and many other anecdotes from the life of this remarkable dog.


From the simple act of observing, find out how we can learn from his behaviour and the example set by this majestic dog.

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