Comic Con! What a weekend!

Hello everyone and welcome to the last Friday of September! I enjoyed the rain we had this week and coming from the UK, I never thought I would say anything like that!

On this day, in 1982, the hit situation comedy “Cheers” first aired and in 1968 the Beatles song “Hey Jude” reached number 1 on the charts.

So today’s newsletter is all about Comicon. What an amazing 4 days we all had. A massive thanks to everyone who came and spoke to us and bought books. We had a blast:

Meet the team showing off their new t-shirts, from left, Zhani, Kyle and Rochelle

Next to us was Chase and his ZAART Creations stall, selling copies of their amazing comic book – Legends of T’Tickot – based on Am I Really A Secret Alien Spy

There’s always time to sign a comic book for a fan: (and the limited edition variant cover comes with a numbered certificate)

The comic signed by myself (plot), Chase (script writer) and Bradley (artist)

On Friday, we were joined by author Kera Van Graan, we were selling copies of her fantastic book, Slayer Traits

On Sunday we were joined by author EC Farinha as she signed copies of her brand new book, the dark fantasy, Flower Crown. I’ll be bringing you more details of this book in the coming weeks

Meet the artist of “Legends of T’Tickot”, Bradley Griffiths aka “Leaded B” (far right). Copies can be ordered from me directly, drop me an email to find out more

On Sunday and Monday, author Debbie Edwards joined us selling copies of her children’s book, Matt, Matts and Maddy. She had a blast with transformers and star ways characters

And finally, thanks to everyone who came past and allowed us to photograph them.

See you next year Comicon! If you would like to find out more about our publishing services, drop me an email –