E C Farinha – Flower Crown

sEPublished by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – September 2023

This is Catherine’s third release through Beyond The Vale Publishing and is a departure from her first two novels which were focussed on real life. This book was a real hit at Comic Con, where visitors to the stand loved both the cover and the concept. A dark fantasy where three sisters, Flower Girls, are persecuted by the evil Workers. Caution, contains scenes of abuse and violence!

About the book

Run, run, as fast as you can,

Don’t let them touch you, don’t let them catch you.

Run, run, as fast as you can,

Run to the flowers, they will protect you.

Let the flowers build a wall,

Let the tree’s lift you high.

Run, run, as fast as you can.

Jane and her younger sisters are Flower Girls living in a world where it’s not safe to use your light.

Jane has spent most of her life keeping her little sisters safe from the monsters that come out at night. The monsters roam the town, thirsting for the blood of the Flower Girls. Their leader has his eyes set on one Flower Girl in particular but Jane can’t be tamed.

Jane finds comfort in her new friends, she learns about her people and the immense power building within her.

Can she escape the monsters and keep her family safe?

About the author

EC. Farinha always felt like she was only good at one thing, telling stories. Writing made her feel worthy and getting lost in a book made her feel safe. She was born and raised in South Africa but she dreamt of living in a faraway land, which was unfortunately fictional. Instead, she was therefore determined to create her own. She started writing as a teenager and never looked back. When tragedy hit in 2020 her first book was born. Flower Crown is her third novel following Going Home and Wishful Thinking.

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