Kera Van Graan – Slayer Traits Year One

Published by Beyond The Vale Publishing

Published date – February 2023

“You are a member of the Slayer Family. Your blood is powerful and strong, and monsters will come for you.”

The warning comes true as an unknown enemy attacks and injures sixteen year old Kyria.

Now Kyria, against her parent’s wishes, is desperate to go to the Academy and prove herself as the strongest Slayer. As a product of a union between two of the most powerful Slayer houses, Kyria lacks the powers that the pure breeds have.

The SMT Academy was established many lifetimes ago when darkness and madness claimed the innocence of the Three Worlds, and the Slayer and Kin stood alone against a vast sea of monsters.

Kyria, backed by her loyal Second, Emi, has to sneak her way into the Academy across the dimensions to the realm of magic. Supported by Headmaster Titan, Kyria begins her training.

It won’t be long before Kyria has a chance to prove herself. She must train under the Slayer, the most powerful being in the Three Worlds.

An ever-present voice in her head has other ideas,

I can help you, Kyria…I can help you kill them all…

Kyria must prove her worth as she comes to terms with life at the SMT Academy, and hope that neither the Slayer, the voice or any of the creatures that lurk in the Blood Forest kill her before she can graduate.

Luck and Life to all of you

About the author

Kera Van Graan is a writer who cannot write a biography. No, the irony is not lost on her.

She has an unhealthy obsession with Vampires, eats way too much sushi and thinks she can survive a zombie apocalypse despite her hatred for running. She can often be found hanging around her partner, avoiding the gym, reading books where she most likely fawns over the morally grey character, arguing with imaginary friends and watching horror movies with an obscene amount of snacks.

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